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Where Did the Name Come From?

There are products all over the world just waiting to be discovered.

Displayed in plain sight but often overlooked by the sheer volume of choices.  Discovered one day searching stockrooms in factories and countless trade shows.  Often, perfect as is, but maybe, just a bit more fun in our favorite color or with a pattern added or even better with clever and thoughtful packaging.  

Always starting with an idea initially designed in someone's imagination.  Maybe one day hastily sketched in a notebook so not to be forgotten.  Maybe doodled at our desk on a random sheet of paper we keep returning to for years.  Finally brought it to life after reviewing thousands of countless details, and lots of trial and error. 

It seems the best ideas are really classic items reimagined in new materials and colors.

Perfected and produced in workshops and factories around the world by people just like you and I, happy to make a living and be a part of something meaningful. 

We are looking for the item that makes us point to it and say, what about that one?  Pondering how clever it is.  Learning about the story behind its creation.  Thinking that it would make a great gift for someone or how much we want it actually for ourselves!

The goal of Hide + Seek Supply Co. is to search and discover these modern and timeless items and bring them to you.